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You’ve already gone through a divorce. Maybe it was arduous, contentious, and protracted. Regardless, the outcome is decided and your spouse must pay child support. But now, they’re refusing to make their payments. As a result, you can’t maintain your child’s quality of life. It’s unacceptable, and it’s illegal. Therefore, you’re not fighting for yourself. You’re fighting for the rights of your children. But don’t worry. There’s a legal system in place for you to collect on your child support payments. Child support enforcement is a recourse for spouses to force their counterparts to make their payments. A family law lawyer can help you enforce your child support rights. Child support attorneys can help you with finding a legal solution like a child support garnishment. Therefore, if you need to find “child support lawyers near me” in the Castle Rock, CO area, you’re already in the right place.

Mark C. Smith & Associates is an owner-operated, solo child support enforcement law firm near Castle Rock, CO. Our founder, attorney Mark C. Smith, is one of the best child support attorneys in the Front Range. In addition, he’s helped his clients win their child support cases for more than two decades. As a result, you can trust him to help you win your child support enforcement case. There’s no better lawyer you’ll find if you’re looking for “child support lawyers near me” to help you file a child support garnishment.

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Child Support Garnishment

Child support enforcement comes into play after a court orders a parent to pay child support. In other words, when your case is already decided. As a result, it’s not a matter of if your spouse owes child support. They already do – there’s no arguing that. Now, they need to make their payments. Therefore, child support enforcement is the legal framework you can use to make your spouse pay what they owe you. The US government outlined these rules in the Child Support Enforcement Act in 1984. The law gives child support attorneys a few options to collect child support payments. Additionally, it allows you to recover past-due child support payments.

A child support garnishment is one way you can capitalize on child support enforcement. Therefore, it’s a good option for you if you need to force your spouse to make payments. Additionally, it’s one of the most basic legal recourses for child support attorneys. A child support garnishment allows you to take money directly out of your spouse’s paycheck. In addition, it’s a court order. Therefore, once it’s been approved, there’s nothing your spouse can do. You can file a garnishment in any state.

Child Support Attorneys

Child support attorneys can use garnishments and other forms of child support enforcement to help you collect on past-due payments. In addition, child support attorneys can help make it impossible for your spouse to discharge their debt. Therefore, they won’t be able to get rid of child support debt by filing bankruptcy.

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Child Support Lawyers Near Me

It’s important to find a local child support attorney for your child support enforcement case. Therefore, you need to make sure you find child support lawyers near me, and not in far-flung areas. In addition, finding good child support attorneys near me will help you cut down on travel time and headache.

Mark is one of the most skilled child support attorneys in the Castle Rock, CO area. Therefore, if you need a lawyer to help you with your child support enforcement case, call us. You can contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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