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Child custody law is usually one of the most contentious areas of divorce. It involves the lives and well-being of your children. Obviously, you want to make sure you receive primary custody of your child. However, your spouse likely does too. As a result, child custody law cases can be extremely bitter. They may even get dirty. However, in order to win your case, you need to make sure you have a good lawyer. Child custody law firms exist across the US for this reason. A good child custody lawyer can be the difference between seeing your child during the week or every other weekend. Therefore, if you want to be present in your son or daughter’s life, it’s important to make sure you search for the best “child custody lawyers near me.” Therefore, if you need a good attorney in Colorado Springs, CO, here we are.

Mark C. Smith & Associates is an owner-operated, solo-run child custody law firm in the Colorado Springs, CO area. Our founder, attorney Mark C. Smith, is an expert child custody lawyer. In addition, he’s an experienced litigator who has helped hundreds of clients win their cases. As aa result, you can trust him to help you win your case. Therefore, if you need the best “child custody lawyers near me,” you can relax. You already found us.

At Mark C. Smith & Associates, we’re pleased to have a top-rated child custody law attorney practicing in the following areas:

  • Aurora, CO
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  • Thornton, CO
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  • Fort Collins, CO
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Child Custody Law Firms

Child custody law firms try some of the most difficult lawsuits there are. A divorce, in general, can be a messy affair. However, child custody cases are some of the most contentious cases many lawyers will experience. There are some basic rules you can use to help your child custody law attorney win your case, though.

First, it’s best to try and work with your spouse on a parenting agreement. If you two can make an agreement, it will cut down on court fees and attorney fees. However, in many cases, this may be difficult. If you and your spouse aren’t on good terms, a parenting agreement may be impossible. Next, you need to set realistic expectations and create a plan in order to reach your desired outcome.

Child Custody Lawyer

As any child custody lawyer will tell you, it’s important to know the different types of child custody. There are two types of child custody in child custody law.

First, legal custody describes how you can be involved in your child’s life decisions. This involves things like medical treatment, what schools your child will attend, and what churches you want your child to go to (if any). A good child custody lawyer will be able to secure some sort of legal custody rights for you.

Next, there’s physical custody. This describes who a child will spend his or her time with. Child custody law has a few different kinds of custody: sole custody, joint custody, and non-custody. Non-custody includes things like visitation rights. The best child custody lawyer will be able to secure the best child custody rights for you.

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Custody Lawyers Near Me

It’s important to hire a child custody law attorney that is in your area, to make your process as smooth as possible. Therefore, you need to find the most qualified child custody lawyers near me. This is because child custody law can change depending on where you live. In addition, the best child custody lawyers near me will be able to apply specific rules to your situation. Therefore, they can help you win your case. As a result, if you need top-ranked child custody law firms to help you win your case, look no further than Mark C. Smith.

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