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Going through a divorce is rarely easy. It’s essentially the legal process of splitting one life into two. However, divorce cases can sometimes involve a third party: children. Children may have the least amount of input in a divorce case. In spite of this, their lives are likely to change the most. A child’s age plays a significant part in how they are impacted by a divorce. As a result, some lawyers specialize in the allocation of parental responsibilities. Parental responsibilities and rights can be a huge point of contention between two parties in a divorce. Therefore, if you are in a contested divorce involving your parental rights, you need to hire a child visitation lawyer. This is a lawyer that specializes in determining factors like child custody, visitation rights, and other parental responsibilities. Because of this, if you need to hire child custody lawyers in the Golden, CO, area, you can stop looking. We’re right here.

Mark C. Smith & Associates is an owner-operated, solo practice child visitation lawyer in the Golden, CO area. Our founder, attorney Mark Smith, is an expert child visitation lawyer. He has more than two decades of experience. Additionally, he’s helped hundreds of clients win their parental responsibilities and rights cases. He’s even won extremely contentious cases. Therefore, if you need child custody lawyers to win your allocation of parental responsibilities case, look no further.

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Parental Responsibilities and Rights

Colorado courts don’t use the term “child custody” anymore. Instead, “allocation of parental responsibilities” is the blanket term in Colorado for child custody cases. Courts need to decide two things in every allocation of parental responsibilities case. First, they need to decide how to split parenting time. Next, they need to decide how to split decision-making responsibilities. Usually, this process is part of a divorce. However, it doesn’t have to be.

Parental responsibilities and rights may include an array of different questions. For example, it affects your ability to decide what school your child attends. In addition, it could include what religion they observe, if any. Parental responsibilities and rights even include whether or not you get to decide if your child plays a sport. As you can see, these cases can have a major effect on your son or daughter’s life.

Child Visitation Lawyer

In Colorado, a court decides these factors based on the best interest of a child. Therefore, they need to consider every factor in a child’s life. Additionally, these cases are supposed to be gender-neutral. In other words, they try not to favor the mother. Therefore, a child visitation lawyer needs to consider all these factors in your allocation of parental responsibilities case. In addition, a child visitation lawyer needs to understand these rules. If they don’t, they won’t win your case.

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Child Custody Lawyers

Child custody lawyers have a difficult job. First, they need to consider what is best for the child. In addition, they need to consider what’s best for their clients. However, these two priorities may not be the same. Therefore, child custody lawyers frequently find themselves between a rock and a hard place in the allocation of parental responsibilities cases.

However, one lawyer is up to the challenge. Attorney Mark Smith can help you win your allocation of parental responsibilities case. He has decades of experience. He has a proven track record. Call Mark C. Smith & Associates today to schedule a free consultation.

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