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Family Attorney Aurora, CO

family attorney aurora co

Family Attorney Aurora, CO

Family law is an area of a statute that dictates how family members solve disputes between one another. For example, divorce, child custody, spousal support, and visitation rights are all areas of family law. Because of this, family law cases are extremely emotionally-charged times. They often involve two parties that don’t like each other. In addition, both parties are fighting for something they care deeply about. However, a good family attorney will be able to help you get the best outcome from your case. Additionally, they’ll be a resource to answer questions about your case. A child custody and support lawyer will make sure that you get the most time with your children. Restraining order attorneys can help you remove toxic people from your life. And a spousal support attorney can help you maintain your quality of life after your divorce. There’s one attorney in Aurora, CO that can do it all.

Mark C. Smith & Associates is an owner-operated, solo-run family law firm in Aurora, CO. Our founder, attorney Mark C. Smith, is a veteran lawyer with more than a quarter-century of experience. Additionally, he’s helped hundreds of clients help win cases like yours. Therefore, there’s no better choice if you need a family attorney, spousal support attorney, or child custody and support lawyer. He’s also one of the most skilled restraining order attorneys in the greater Denver area.

At Mark C. Smith & Associates, we’re pleased to be a top-rated family attorney in the following areas:

  • Aurora, CO
  • Castle Rock, CO
  • Parker, CO
  • Colorado Springs, CO
  • Highlands Ranch, CO
  • Golden, CO
  • Centennial, CO
  • Arvada, CO
  • Thornton, CO
  • Westminster, CO
  • Boulder, CO
  • Brighton, CO
  • Fort Collins, CO

Restraining Order Attorneys

Restraining order attorneys are family law practitioners. In addition, restraining order attorneys can help you remove toxic people from your life. You can file a restraining order against anyone. For example, you can file a restraining order against an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. In contrast, you can ask a family attorney to request a restraining order against a parent or sibling. When you initially file a restraining order, it’s temporary. However, once you attend a hearing before a judge, it may become permanent.

Restraining order attorneys need to be level-headed, understanding, and reliable lawyers. Many times, a client that needs a restraining order is in a dangerous situation. They may be victims of stalking. As a result, it’s important for restraining order lawyers to understand their clients’ situation. In addition, they need to treat their clients delicately and with dignity.

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Spousal Support Attorney

Spousal support is also called alimony. It’s a way to maintain your quality of life after a divorce. If your spouse makes significantly more money than you, they may need to make payments. However, to win a spousal support case, you need a spousal support attorney. A spousal support attorney will know which specific laws apply to your scenario. In addition, they’ll do the math to see exactly how much your spouse may owe in alimony. A family attorney will be able to help you win your alimony case.

Child Custody and Support Lawyer

A child custody and support lawyer may be one of the most important attorneys you hire in your life. They’re the ones who can help you get primary custody of your child. In lieu of that, they can get you to get the best visitation rights with your son or daughter. In addition, a child custody and support lawyer can help you win child support payments from your spouse. Therefore, it’s crucial to hire a child custody and support lawyer if you need a family attorney.

If you need the services of a family lawyer in Aurora, CO, look no further than attorney Mark C. Smith. He has the skills and experience necessary to help you win your case. In addition, he has a proven track record dating back more than two decades. Therefore, you can trust him to advocate for your case. Call Mark C. Smith & Associates to schedule your free consultation today.

child custody and support lawyer aurora co
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